Audi A8 - Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV)奥迪A8 - 轻度混合动力电动汽车

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Audi A8 - Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) with active suspension奥迪A8 - 配备主动悬架的轻度混合动力电动车(MHEV)

Even more efficient: engines with MHEV technology 更高效:采用MHEV技术的发动机

At its market introduction in Europe, the new A8 will start out with two extensively reengineered V6 turbo engines, a 3.0 TDI with 210 kW (286 hp) (Combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 5.8 - 5.6 (40.6 - 42.0 US mpg)*; Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 152 - 145 (244.6 - 233.4 g/mi)*) and a 3.0 TFSI with 250 kW (340 hp) (Combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 7.8 - 7.5 (30.2 - 31.4 US mpg )*; Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 178 - 171 (286.5 - 275.2 g/mi)*). Other engine versions and a plug-in-hybrid with inductive in-car charging will follow in 2018. All engines offer supreme refinement, ample performance and high efficiency. The new mild hybrid technology (MHEV, mild hybrid electric vehicle) drives down fuel consumption even further – by as much as 0.7 liters (0.3 US gal) of fuel per 100 kilometers (62.1 mi) in real driving conditions. Particulate filters for the gasoline engines will also follow in the next year.

在欧洲市场推出时,新款A8将首先推出两款深度优化的V6涡轮增压发动机,一款功率为210 kW(286 hp)的3.0 TDI(综合油耗l / 100 km:5.8l - 5.6l(40.6 - 42.0 US mpg) )*;二氧化碳排放量g / km:152-145(244.6-233.4 g / mi)*)和3.0 TFSI 250 kW(340 hp)(综合油耗l / 100 km:7.8 - 7.5(30.2 - 31.4 US mpg)*;二氧化碳排放量g / km:178 - 171(286.5 - 275.2 g / mi)*)。 2018年将推出其他发动机版本和具有感应式车载充电功能的插电式混合动力车。所有发动机都进行了最佳的优化,具备充足的性能和较高的效率。 新度轻度混合动力技术(MHEV,轻度混合动力电动汽车)进一步降低了燃料消耗 - 在实际行驶时,每100公里(62.1英里)燃油消耗量可降低0.7升(0.3美国加仑)。 汽油发动机的颗粒滤清器也将在明年推出。

Audi’s MHEV technology is based on a newly developed 48-volt primary electrical system – it supplies the 12-volt system that now becomes an electrical subsystem. The 48-volt system is fed by a belt alternator starter (BAS) connected to the engine’s crankshaft by the belt drive. A lithium-ion battery positioned safely beneath the luggage compartment floor serves as the storage unit.

奥迪的MHEV技术基于新开发的48V主电力系统 - 它提供的12伏系统现在成为电气的子系统。 48V系统由皮带式发电机起动机(BAS)供电,该发电机起动器通过皮带传动装置连接到发动机的曲轴。 锂狗万放款_狗万 取现完成_狗万怎么天天维护作为能量存储单元,被安全地放置在行李箱地板下方。

The new drive combines efficiency with comfort in a very special way: Thanks to the higher voltage, the new A8 can coast along silently in a speed range from 55 through 160 km/h (34.2 through 99.4 mph). The automobile then proceeds with zero emissions for up to 40 seconds with the engine off altogether. As soon as the driver steps on the gas again, the belt alternator starter prompts a swift but soft restart. In addition, start/stop operation is actually active from 22 km/h (13.7 mph). When the brakes are applied, the BAS can recover up to 12 kW of power, again helping to reduce fuel consumption.

新驱动机构以一种非常特殊的方式实现效率与舒适性的有机结合:由于电压更高,新款A8可以在55至160km/h(34.2至99.4英里/小时)的速度范围内安静的滑行。 这样,汽车可以持续长达40秒内完全关闭发动机,在此期间实现零排放。 一旦驾驶员再次踩下油门踏板,皮带式交流发电机起动机立即实现快速且柔和的启动。 另外,起停系统实际上是从22km/h(13.7英里/小时)起动的。 当踩下刹车时,BAS可以恢复高达12kW的功率,同样有助于降低燃油消耗。

From silky-smooth to firm: the suspension 
Active suspension, dynamic all-wheel steering, electronic suspension platform (ESP) – Audi has rethought every aspect of the chassis of its new flagship. Revolutionary technologies and control systems make it even more comfortable, sporty and safe. It spans a whole new breadth of characteristics – from the silky-smooth progress that befits a luxury sedan to the dynamically firm handling of a sports car.



The very fundamentals of its design are state of the art. The front and rear axle, both of them mounted on subframes, take the form of high-precision five-link constructions made extensively from lightweight aluminum. Both the progressive steering, which becomes more direct the further it is turned, and the adaptive air suspension with controlled damping are standard features. The driver can define the air suspension settings using the three Audi drive select driving profiles comfort, auto and dynamic, and also in a separate lift mode. From a speed of 120 km/h (74.6 mph), the body is automatically lowered by 20 millimeters (0.8 in) for improved aerodynamics. For this to take place, the car must have been running in the auto or dynamic mode continuously for at least 30 seconds.

其设计的基本原理是最先进的。 前轴和后轴均安装在副车架上,采用轻量化的铝制高精度五连杆结构。 标准配置包括使转向更加直接的渐进式转向系统,以及阻尼可控的自适应式空气悬架。 驾驶员可以通过选择三种驾驶特性的奥迪驾驶模式,舒适、自动和动态,或者单独的举升模式来对空气悬架进行设置。 从120km/h(74.6英里/小时)的速度开始,车身高度自动降低20mm(0.8英寸),以改善空气动力学。 前提是,汽车必须持续在自动或动态模式下运行至少30秒。

A new dimension of flexibility: the Audi AI active suspension 
Adaptive air suspension already gives the A8 a wide spread of operating characteristics ranging from smooth ride comfort to sporty handling. This impression is heightened engagingly with Audi AI active suspension, which will be available from market launch. Audi AI active suspension is a fully active, electromechanically operated suspension system. For each wheel there is one electric motor supplied by the 48-volt primary electrical system. In each case there is also a transmission, a rotary tube housing a titanium roll bar and a lever that exerts up to 1,100 newton-meters (811.3 lb-ft) on the suspension via a coupling rod.


自适应空气悬架已经赋予了A8从乘坐的平稳舒适性到驾驶的运动性的广泛操作特性。奥迪AI主动悬挂系统将加深这个印象,该悬挂系统将在上市时推出。 奥迪AI主动悬挂系统是一个纯粹的机电操作悬挂系统。 每个车轮都有一个由48伏主电气系统供电的电动机。 在任何情况下,还有一个传动装置,一个内部装有一个钛制滚杆和一根杠杆的旋转管,再通过一根连杆在悬挂上施加高达1,100Nm(811.3磅英尺)的力量。 

A new feature in active suspension is that the load can be increased or reduced individually on all four wheels, for active control of the body in every driving situation. This introduces a new dimension of flexibility: If the driver selects the dynamic mode in the Audi drive select system, the new A8 becomes an agile sports car – it turns in firmly, and its roll angles are roughly halved compared with the normal status. By contrast, in comfort mode, the body floats smoothly even over rough bumps in the road.

主动悬架的一个新特点是可以在所有四个车轮上单独增加或减少负载,以在每种驾驶情况下主动控制车身。 这在灵活性上引入了一个新的维度:如果驾驶者在奥迪驾驶选择系统中选择了动态模式,新款A8变成了灵活的跑车 - 转弯直接,其侧倾角度与正常状态相比大约减半。 相比之下,在舒适模式下,车身即使在崎岖不平的道路上也能维持平稳。

As well as improving comfort and handling, active suspension in combination with crossing assist improves passive safety in the event of a lateral collision. In an impending lateral collision at more than 25 km/h (15.5 mph), the suspension actuators raise the body on the side exposed to the danger by up to 80 millimeters (3.1 in) within half a second. The aim is to present an even more resistant section of the body to the other party by way of an impact zone. The side sills and floor structure accommodate a large portion of the impact forces. Deformation of the cabin and the loads acting on the occupants, above all to the chest and abdomen areas, can be reduced by up to 50 percent compared with a lateral collision with no raising of the suspension. The pre sense 360° system is a requirement for the new function.

除了提高舒适性和操控性外,主动悬架与交叉路口辅助相结合可在发生侧面碰撞时提高被动安全性。 超过25km/h(15.5英里/小时)后,在即将发生侧面碰撞时,悬架执行器会在半秒内将暴露在危险一侧的车身提高达80毫米(3.1英寸)。 目的是通过这一 影响向对方暴露更结实的车身部分。 侧门槛和地板结构可承受大部分冲击力。 与没有提升悬架的侧向碰撞相比,驾驶室的变形和作用于乘员身上的负载(尤其是胸部和腹部区域)可以减少多达50%。新功能需要 Pre sense360°系统。



英 [ɪn'dʌktɪv]  美 [ɪn'dʌktɪv] 

adj. [数] 归纳的;[电] 感应的;诱导的


英 [rɪ'faɪnm(ə)nt]  美 [rɪ'faɪnmənt] 

n. 精制;文雅;[化工][油气][冶] 提纯


英 ['æmp(ə)l]  美 ['æmpl] 

adj. 丰富的;足够的;宽敞的

n. (Ample)人名;(西)安普尔


英 [pɑː'tɪkjʊlət; -eɪt; pə-]  美 [pɚ'tɪkjə,let] 

adj. 微粒的

n. 微粒,微粒状物质


英 [suː'priːm]  美 [suˈprim] 

adj. 最高的;至高的;最重要的

n. 至高;霸权


英 [bredθ; -t-]  美 [brɛdθ] 

n. 宽度,幅度;宽宏

7、state of the art

n. 技术发展最新水平,当前发展状况,目前发展水平

adj. 最先进的; 最新水平的


英 [dʌɪˈmɛnʃ(ə)n]   美 [dəˈmɛnʃən, daɪ-]  

n. 方面;[数] 维;尺寸;次元;容积 vt. 标出尺寸

adj. 规格的


v. 提高,升高(heighten的过去分词)



adv. electromechanical的变形

electromechanical [i,lektrəumi'kænikəl]

adj. 【机械学】电机的;机电的;电动机械的


英 [ɪg'zɜːt; eg-]   美 [ɪɡ'zɝt]  

vt. 运用,发挥;施以影响


英 [taɪ'teɪnɪəm; tɪ-]   美 [taɪ'tenɪəm; tɪ-]  

n. [化学] 钛(金属元素)


英 ['ædʒaɪl]   美 [ˈædʒəl]  

adj. 敏捷的;机敏的;活泼的


英 [hɑːv]   美 [hæv]  

vt. 二等分;把……减半

n. (Halve)人名;(芬)哈尔韦